Tin top, High top or Pop top?

A guide to the different designs of camper van and motor home roofs

Camper van roofs are generally referred to in 3 different ways - TIN TOP, HIGH TOP, POP TOP AND ELEVATING ROOFS. Please see below for an explanation of the advantages and disadvantages of each campervan type.


Tin top roof campervan

Camper tin top

What's a tin top camper?

Tin top campervans are campers that still have their original roof.


  • Unlikely to leak
  • Can be used as an everyday vehicle


  • Lack of headroom (unless high roof version)

High top roof campervan

Camper high top

What's a high top camper?

High top campers will have had the original steel roof removed and a GRP (glass reinforced plastic) moulded roof fitted over the top.


  • Good headroom
  • Extra windows can be fitted into the hight top roof


  • Can be subject to weathering
  • Won't fit under restricted car park barriers

Elevating/pop-top roof campervan

Camper elevating roof

What's a pop top or elevating roof camper?

Pop top or elevating roof campervans have had a hole cut into the original van roof to accommodate a canvas/vinyl rising roof structure that can be folded back down when not in use.


  • Good headroom when up
  • Can be folded back down
  • Camper van can used as an everyday vehicle and will fit under most car park barriers
  • Often the camper elevating roof will incorporate extra sleeping bunks


  • Subject to wear and tear (lining, hinges etc.)
  • Loss of heat in colder seasons
  • Quite costly to install.